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AquaSpherePRO - 250,000 gallons


Product Description

The AquaSpherePRO pond cleaner is the Healthy Ponds patented dispensing system for ponds and lakes. This recyclable plastic sphere ships complete with PROFormula and will treat fresh water ponds and lakes for up to 30 days on a 24/7 basis.

Technical Specs:
  • Treats water from 1,000 gallons to 250,000 gallons.
  • Weight: 2 lb.

Directions for Natural Pond Cleaning:

What you should know about your AquaSphere before deploying:

· The AquaSphere should not be opened. It is filled with beneficial bacteria packets that will swell up with gel and incubate bacteria growth so its bacteria can be released consistently into water features. The packets within the AquaSphere are contained inside a water-soluble bag that will disintegrate once it comes in contact with pond water. The AquaSphere is disposable and needs to be replaced every 30 days. There are no refills for this product.

· You should not allow the AquaSphere to get wet prior to deployment. Bacteria packets within the dispenser will react immediately when coming into contact with water and release activated bacteria. There may be some material left in the dispenser at the end of 30 days. This is normal. Discard the remaining product, as it is inert. The plastic may be recycled.

· This AquaSphere is designed for use in water temperatures 45 degrees or warmer. For best results, place your AquaSphere in a central location in your pond. Since the AquaSphere won’t float after it’s exposed to the water, you may wish to anchor it and tie it off to the shoreline for easy retrieval.

Instructions for tethering the AquaSphere:

  1. Determine the length of line desired for the anchor by measuring the depth of the water where you wish to place the dispenser. You may anchor the dispenser to hold it in place (a large rock or jug of sand can work).
  2. Cut the appropriate amount of anchor line. Securely tie one end of the anchor line to the eyebolt on the AquaSphere and the other end to your anchor. Pull on the line to ensure the knot will not slip.
  3. Use additional line as an optional lanyard to tie to the shoreline for both deployment and retrieval. Tie this to the eyebolt on the AquaSphere.

Deploying the Dispenser using Mooring Lines:

Obtain the following items:
Two 9-inch stakes; two mooring lines (1 must be ½ the width of the pond, the other at least the entire width of the pond); and an anchor.

  1. Tie one end of the shorter mooring line to the anchor and the other end to one of the stakes. Drive this stake into the shoreline where you wish to place the AquaSphere.
  2. Tie one end of the longer mooring line to the anchor.
  3. With the other stake and the other end of the longer mooring line in hand, walk around the pond until you are straight across from the anchor and dispenser. Pull slowly until the anchor and dispenser are in the location you desire.
  4. Tie one end of the longer mooring line to the anchor.
  5. Drive the other stake into the shoreline and securely tie the mooring line to it.
  6. To remove the dispenser, simply untie the longer mooring line from the stake and pull the dispenser out with the shorter mooring line.

Remember: Replace the dispenser every 30 days.


Microbial treatment in ponds with low oxygen levels, high water stagnation (no aeration), with high levels of organic matter AND containing high levels of fish populations run a risk of initiating fish death due to low water oxygen levels. It is recommended that ponds stocked with fish be tested for oxygen levels as well as having a source of aeration in the pond prior to treatment with microbials.


  • Treatment with microbials requires oxygen to establish bioremediation.
  • Microbial treatments will reduce the water oxygen levels as the bioremediation occurs.
  • Bioverse’s microbial products are 100% natural, safe, and effective for fish if all ponds as there is enough oxygen for all the fish contained in that pond.
  • Ponds with high fish levels should have mechanical aeration systems in place as treatment is started for improved results.
  • Ponds with low oxygen levels should be treated with a water oxygenator prior to microbial application.


  • Low oxygen levels will produce localized fish death in any pond.
  • High heat will decrease the oxygen levels in ponds (as water temperatures increase the oxygen levels will decrease).
  • Ponds overstocked with fish will have lower oxygen levels than a pond that has no fish.
  • Excess amounts of organic debris will lower water oxygen levels.
  • Shallow ponds will always have lower water oxygen levels than ponds that are deeper.

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