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Healthy Ponds® Blue Pond Water Colorant/Blue Spray Pattern Indicator (SPI) Tablet – 1 tablet per 41,000 gallons of water or 10 gallon SPI solution


Product Description

Healthy Ponds® Blue Pond Water Colorant and Spray Pattern Indicator Tablets are formulated for ease of use in small ponds and water features, or can be used in a spray tank to avoid overlap and missed areas when spraying turf, grass or garden treatments.

This blue pond tint is essential once water clarity has been achieved from the use of Healthy Ponds products. Healthy Ponds Pond Water Colorants will effectively shade the pond and limit sunlight penetration, reducing unwanted weed growth and development of algae. Safe for fish, plants, pets and people, Healthy Ponds pond and lake dye contains no sulfates or dispersion aids, and are made from the same certifiable food quality dyes used by famous, name brand candy manufacturers in their brilliantly colored hard-shell candy coatings. Blue pond tint tablets are conveniently dosed for small bodies of water. Simply add the correct number of Healthy Ponds Blue Pond Water Colorant Tablets for your pond size. Within 24 hours the water will take on a beautiful appearance, and help make your Healthy Ponds® AquaSpherePRO® more effective.

Technical Specs:
  • Tablets- 1 tablet treats 41,000 gallons
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Package Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.5" x .75"

Direction For Use:

Pond or Water Feature use

One tablet treats 41,000 gallons of water

Calculate pond volume:
Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

Add one 23 gram tablet for every 41,000 gallons of water.
Example: To treat 82,000 gallons of water it
requires 2 - 23 gram tablets.

Spray Pattern Indicator (SPI) use

One tablet treats 10 gallons of water.

Calculate surface area to be sprayed:
Length x Width = Total Surface Area

Other SPI colorant products:

Healthy Ponds® Blue Pond Water
Colorant/Spray Pattern Indicator Pellets
(One pellet treats 1 gallon of water)


  1. Toss the tablet into the middle of the water. Distribute evenly when using multiple tablets.
  2. For dramatic appearance, add additional colorant after waiting 12-24 hours.
  3. Monitor color every 30 days, to determine longevity of color and application frequency.

Helpful tips-

  • Adding colorant to your pond will help make your Healthy Ponds maintenance products more effective
  • Applying the colorant upwind will help it disperse throughout your pond.
  • Always document and update how much colorant you applied. This will help you determine the timing and amount of product needed for future applications.
  • Water quality and turbidity will affect the amount of colorant required to maintain the desired effect.
  • Rainfall, sunlight and pond conditions will affect how frequently you will need to reapply the colorant.
  • Always wear gloves, and protect your clothing when applying colorants.
  • Use HP Blue Pond Colorant as a Spray Pattern Indicator dye


  1. Fill spray tank 1/3 full with water and remove strainer basket.
  2. With continual agitation - Add tablet to water, allowing 3-5 minutes to disperse.
  3. Continue filling the spray tank with water and other intended products.
  4. Spot test for acceptable color depth prior to full-scale spraying.
  5. Retain mix rate records as a reference for future spray applications.

Helpful tips-

  • Add one tablet per 10 gallons of water in spray tank.
  • Always mix or agitate prior to dispensing.
  • Taller grass may require higher usage rates.
  • Test sprayer and make adjustments for wind conditions.
  • Cover surface uniformly to avoid streaking or uneven appearance.
  • Replace defective or worn boom nozzle on applicator tank.

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