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Help - Chemical Usage and Healthy Pond Products

Can I use algaecides or other chemicals with Healthy Ponds Pond Cleaner?

We do not recommend the use of algaecides in conjunction with Healthy Ponds products, as they will kill the bacteria necessary to create a balanced ecosystem.

Can I use blue dye or UV light with Healthy Ponds Pond Cleaner?

Blue dye and UV light can be used with Healthy Ponds products. It is important to remember that these approaches treat the symptoms of problems, while Healthy Ponds treats the root cause.

I just used a chemical herbicide to treat my pond and now want to use an AquaSpherePRO. Is this ok?

The same chemical that killed your weeds will also effect the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria in our products. It is recommended that you wait at least 3 weeks after applying any chemical before deploying any of the Healthy Ponds Pond Cleaner Dispensers.

We have used copper sulfate to treat our pond for the last six years. This year, we are applying the same amount, but it doesn't seem to be working. Will your product work?

The short answer is: Yes, eventually.

The longer answer is: It is going to take significant time for our product to "undo" the damage done from years of chemical treatments. Algae tend to become resistant to chemicals, and it sounds like that is what you are experiencing. You probably have a good sized sludge layer built up on the bottom of the pond from years of dead algae residue that was killed by the chemicals and did not completely decompose. You have an excessive nutrient load which will need to be addressed before clarity can be restored.

Bioverse has three products to help quickly restore clarity in these types of situations. The Bioverse product line including Rush, Awake, and Vista can address these conditions. Call 877-948-0303 for technical support.