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Help - Effectiveness/Safety of Healthy Ponds Products

Can I use an aerator, fountain or filter with Healthy Ponds?

Yes, these items will supplement the performance of Healthy Ponds by increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water, which will allow more bacteria to grow, and achieve balance faster.

How can I tell the difference between aquatic vegetation, duckweed and algae?

The main difference is algae have no roots. Duckweed is the exception

Is Healthy Ponds safe for my fish or pets?

When used as directed, Healthy Ponds products have no adverse affects on humans, fish, plants or pets

Will Healthy Ponds control weeds?

No, the best way to take care of weeds is to physically remove or harvest them.

Will Healthy Ponds get rid of my string algae or red algae?

Healthy Ponds Pond Cleaner is not an algaecide. It is a natural pond cleaning system that balances your ecosystem. As a result of using our product, water becomes cleaner and clearer.

Will the number of fish I have affect the performance of Healthy Ponds?

Absolutely. One of the biggest mistakes pond owners make is overstocking and overfeeding fish. A general rule of thumb in the pond industry is 1 koi per 100 gallons, or 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons. For example, only 1 koi or two 5-inch goldfish should be in a 100-gallon pond. We highly recommend using a filtration system with fish.