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WORTHINGTON, MINN. – Bioverse, Inc., recognized as one of 2012’s Top 10 innovators in the swine industry at the National Pork Expo, is relocating its headquarters to the Bioscience Park in Worthington, Minn., effective Nov. 1, 2012.

Founded in 1995, the company is anticipating better access to a broad base of customers, as well as opportunities for collaborations with other businesses based at the Bioscience Park. The site is just north of Interstate 90 and immediately east of Highway 59.

Bioverse, Inc., will be the first tenant to occupy the 12,000 square-foot Biotechnology Advancement Center, owned by the City of Worthington and constructed with a company like Bioverse, Inc. in mind.

Since 2003, Bioverse, Inc., has been located in Pipestone, Minn., where the science-based manufacturing company developed its patented AquaSphere PRO and Pond Water Cleaner dispenser, among other outstanding products that strive to provide ecologically responsible solutions to managing water easily, safely and effectively.

The Agricultural Division of Bioverse, Inc., is making rapid headway with its AgraSphere line of products that offer natural livestock waste treatment systems for both swine and dairy operations.

“We are very excited about the relocation,” said company president Glenn Thuringer. “Bioverse prides itself on its all-natural product line, and the science involved in its product formulations will generate great synergy with the other biotech companies in this dynamic area.”

Bioverse Inc.
1527 Prairie Drive, Suite 3
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