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Healthy Ponds® Pond Water Colorants

  • Certifiable food grade quality dyes.
  • Treats more gallons per ounce.
  • Prevents sunlight penetration, reducing aquatic vegetation!
  • Improves aesthetics of the pond.
  • Easy to use Granules, Water Soluble Bags, Pellets and Tablets!
  • Safe for fish, pets and people!
  • Ideal for ponds, lakes golf courses, farm livestock, fish hatcheries and aquascapes.

Pond Colorants in black and blue transform water into a beautiful reflective surface. The professionals -- Golf Course Superintendents -- typically use Healthy Ponds Reflections (Black) Pond Colorant, as it looks more natural in the golf course setting.

Colorants NOW AVAILABLE in Pellet and Tablet form!

Treat small ponds and water features, or use as a Spray Pattern Indicator to avoid overlap and missed areas when spraying turf, grass or garden treatments.

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