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1-10 Gallons

Dosage Change! More Effective!

HEALTHY PONDS® ALL PURPOSE WATER CLEANER 10 is a small scale water purification product designed to keep Bird Baths, Fish Bowls and Water Features from 1-10 gallons clean, clear and free of green organic growth. The Healthy Ponds unique patented time-release system delivers a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes into the water for 15 days. This easy to use, all natural product is veterinarian approved and safe for fish, plants, birds, animals and humans.

Tip: To increase dosage or treat larger water features, add multiple dispensers or use Healthy Ponds® All Purpose Water Cleaner 100.

33% Stronger!

HEALTHY POND® BLAST 2,500 can be used in combination with Healthy Ponds time-release dispensers and spheres for hard to treat, stagnant pond water with odor or floating and suspended organic matter. BLAST contains a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria that reduce the organic debris that collects in water gardens and ponds, keeping your water clean and clear!

Tip: Sprinkle a small amount of Blast, from an opened bacteria pack, into the water every 5-7 days for quicker treatment in stagnant water environments with excessive amounts of organic


With time and continued use of Healthy Ponds products, you can expect to improve and maintain water quality and clarity, while eliminating odor. Water may take on a cloudy appearance for the first few days, while bacteria begin to work.