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The Healthy Ponds Three-Step Pond Water Solution



Step 1: Dispenser

A patented time-release delivery device that will continuously introduce a proprietary blend of new bacteria for 30 days, and will reduce sludge, while at the bottom of the water. The dispenser releases beneficial bacteria, which consumes the excess nutrients that eventually create green organic problems in water. Bioverse dispensers are available in either a biodegradable ( AquaSpherePRO), or a reloadable plastic dispenser(All Purpose Water Cleaner, AquaLily, or Stock Tank Water Cleaner). With multiple sizes available, dispensers are designed to treat ponds or water features of any size.

Step 2: Supplement

The main function of a supplement is to increase the beneficial bacteria count in the water, in order to combat the excess nutrients in the water. Use Natural Blast™ or VISTA when treating a pond for the first time, when temperature spikes are forecasted, and after big rain falls that wash nutrients into the pond.

Natural Blast™ is not a time-released product and works in conjunction with the dispensers.This highly effective product comes in .25 lb. water soluble bags; each bag of Natural Blast™ treats up to 125,000 gallons, and works throughout the entire water column. We also offer VISTA as an alternative to Natural Blast™. Vista is a supplement that works primarily in the top third of the water column, removing excess nutrients. A.25 lb. bag of VISTA treats up to 250,000 gallons.

RUSH is a granular oxidizer that accelerates the decomposition of floating organic matter. Rush is the supplement that is ideal for heavy matting and green slime on rocks.

Step 3: Colorant

Pond colorants will discourage the growth of unwanted organic weeds & green matter by reducing the sunlight (UV rays) penetrating the clear water. Begin the use of pond colorants as water begins to show improvement from the use of Healthy Ponds dispensers and supplements. Colorant will reduce the sunlight (UV rays) from penetrating the clear water, keep the water cooler, and still allow the enjoyment of the clean water. Healthy Ponds Blue and Reflection (Black) Colorants, available in 5 oz. water soluble bags, pourable granules, tablets and pellets, are conveniently dosed for ponds and water features of all sizes.

Need Assistance


Use the Bioverse Pond Size/Treatment Calculator to calculate the number of gallons in your pond. It’s very easy!

  • Measure the length and width of the water at its widest point
  • Estimate the average depth of the pond
  • Type your measurements into the Pond Size/Treatment Calculator and press “Calculate!”


Consult our pond season map, which tells you the average length of the pond season in your area of the country. Treat monthly throughout the pond season for best results.


Receive a volume discount of 10% off when you order six or more of the AquaSpherePro 50,000, 250,000 or 500,000 gallon spheres.

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Call 1-877-948-0303 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) M-F. For assistance with treatment planning via email, please complete our Customer Contact Form.