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Fish Tanks & Aquarium Cleaner

Eliminate problems of waste, slime and build up - The challenges commonly associated with tank maintenance. The new Bioverse Healthy Tanks is an aquarium cleaner treatment that attacks and removes the unwanted organic matter in the tank.

  • Natural Alternative to Chemicals
  • 100% Safe for Fish and Plant Life
  • For Fresh and Saltwater Tanks
  • Treats up to 50 Gallons of Water
  • Improves Water Quality and Clarity
  • Works with Existing Filtration System
  • For Best Results Start with Clean Tank

With Healthy Tanks natural fish tank cleaner, just apply it once a month and then forget about it!


"I just wanted to let you know that this product is fantastic. My 48 gallon saltwater reef tank was taken over by green and brown algae. The pet store here could not help me with the problem. I found you on the internet and for $18.00 I fixed the problem. This stuff cleared my tank 75% in less than 24 hrs. The pet shop says that I better be careful but I trust in what you advertise. Wish I had found you sooner, I lost all of my corals, several hundreds of dollars worth. I will inform all my friends about your product and will keep using it myself!!"

Thanks, Paul