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Bioverse natural algaecide for ponds are excellent for pond clarity maintenance. Natural products make no claims as to being effective for algae control. Bioverse has approved and compatible algaecides that are available through Bioverse.

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"The ponds on my course have a deeper average depth than most which, in turn, adds more water to treat. The quality and clarity of the water in the ponds this year was great. The product did everything that the team at Bioverse said it would do. I will be using this natural approach again next season."

Doug Hausman
Superintendent at Dakota Dunes Country
Club, Dakota Dunes, SD

"This past year at Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. we started treating our ponds with Healthy Pond's products. We have noticed a significant reduction in algae and better water clarity on all ponds treated. The products are safe and very easy to apply. I'm impressed with the fact that we can improve our ponds with products that are environmentally safe and really work. Along with a great products, we've received great service, professionalism, and a passion to achieve clean water!!"

Brad J. Enie
Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C.
Potomac Falls, VA

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Use our Pond Treatment Wizard if you need help determining the right treatment for your water.