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Bioverse Solves Municipal Pond Algae Control Problems

Here is one success story as reported by the Frederick News-Post:

"Since the completion of the $10.2 million park nearly two years ago, city officials have struggled with algae buildup caused by the slow flowing water and the assorted putrid smells that accompany the green clumps of vegetation.

But now, during the time of the year when needed most, a new program is showing promise, and in the coming expansion of the park, officials plan to install more features to improve creek flow.

The use of bio-balls has dramatically decreased the amount of algae appearing in the creek, said Roelkey Myers, director of parks and recreation.

Eight of the softball-sized, plastic orbs have been placed in the creek between Bentz and East streets. The balls slowly release enzymes that compete for the same nutrient the algae needs to grow.

Overall, Myers said, he has seen a 90 percent reduction in the prevalence of algae blooms in the creek."

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Bioverse natural products are excellent for pond clairity maintenance. Natural products make no claims as to being effective for algae control. Bioverse has approved and compatible algaecides that are available through Bioverse.


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