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Weed and Algae Control

For treating weeds and various forms of algae, we recommend a variety of effective products that are environmentally selected.


For treating pond Algae conditions Bioverse has selected specific algaecides that have been effective and compatible with Bioverse water cleaning products. When used together the products improve water quality and can be used for algae control. Natural products from Bioverse are all natural and are used for maintaining water clarity. Bioverse natural products are NOT classified as Algaecides.

Algae are very primitive plants. Some algae are microscopic (planktonic algae), others are thin and stringy or hair-like (filamentous algae), while still others are large and resemble higher plants but without true roots (muskgrass/chara).


Find your weed below and click on the image for the recommended treatment.

Common nuisance plants like duckweed, Eurasian watermilfoil and hydrilla can be selectively controlled while more desirable native plant species are left to thrive. Selective, long-term control of undesirable aquatic vegetation can be achieved for a year or longer with one application.

Emersed Plants

Emersed plants are rooted plants often along the shoreline that stand above the surface of the water (cattails). The stems of emergent plants are somewhat stiff or firm.

Floating plants

Floating plants are not attached to the bottom. Floating plants come in sizes from very small, such as duckweed, to over a foot in diameter, like water hyacinth. Most have roots that hang in the water from the floating green portions.

Submersed Plants

Submersed plants are rooted plants with most of their vegetative mass below the water surface, although some portions may stick above the water. One discerning characteristic of submersed plants is their flaccid or soft stems, which is why they do not usually rise above the water's surface.