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Golf Course Success Stories

More and more golf courses use Bioverse products to treat their ponds and improve their greens!

Natural Alternative to Chemicals
~Doug Hausman
Superintendent at Dakota Dunes Country
Club, Dakota Dunes, SD

“The ponds on my course have a deeper average depth than most which, in turn, adds more water to treat. The quality and clarity of the water in the ponds this year was great. The product did everything that the team at Bioverse said it would do. I will be using this natural approach again next season.”

Helps Improve Turf Quality
~Scott Fergen
Superintendent at Wild Oak Golf Club, Mitchell, SD

“Since using the AquaSphere PRO I have cut my fertilizer usage in half on my course. Other great benefit besides saving on my fertilizer cost are controlling algae and my irrigation lines are much cleaner. I haven’t had a sprinkler head plugged since using the AquaSphere PRO. This is a great natural product that really improves the quality of the water that I put on my course. ”

Improves Water Quality
~Scott Thayer
Superintendent at Legends Club, Prior Lake, MN

“Since using the AquaSphere PRO in my irrigation pond it has greatly helped in controlling the algae in my pond. The turf on my course has also responded very well to the treatments in my irrigation pond reducing the need for chemicals. I am definitely going to be using the Bioverse Aqua Sphere PRO again next season.”

Eliminates Smell
~Greg Walsh
Superintendent at Prairie Green, Sioux Falls, SD

“Last year we had several homeowner complaints about the smell and the appearance of our water. This year, by using Bioverse products, we are 100% better, and the natural approach has proven very successful.”

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