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2,500-12,500 Gallons

Our best selling product, 100% natural. Our natural pond supplies are designed to prevent pond issues before they arise, promoting pond health. This biodegradable pond management product is hassle free, you just gently toss the sphere in your pond and forget about it. Sphere ships complete with our 24/7 30 day PROFormula. Will treat fresh water ponds and lakes for up to 30 days. Remember to add a new sphere to your pond EVERY 30 DAYS to continue to treat throughout the pond season (water temperatures from 45 degrees and above). You cannot over treat water but under treating may not yield desired results. The whole sphere, outer shell and inner contents, will biodegrade over time while at the bottom of your pond. The AquaSpherePRO works by consuming the excess nutrients in the pond, eliminating unwanted organic matter and preventing pond issues which can arise at any time. If the nutrients are not available for growth, the growth is unable to develop. It is an amazing all-natural pond maintenance product for season long care, and will not hurt plants, animals, or humans.

HEALTHY PONDS® BLAST 25,000 is most effective when used in combination with Healthy Ponds® monthly maintenance products for hard to treat, stagnant pond water with odor or floating and suspended organic matter.

Blast contains a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria that reduce the organic debris that collects in water gardens and ponds, keeping your water clean and clear!

Tip: Use Blast along with Healthy Ponds® patented time-release spheres and dispensers

  • To start pond treatment at the beginning or middle of the season
  • For seasonal temperature spikes (preferably prior temperature spike)
  • When heavy rain washes excess organic matter into the water