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Koi Ponds

The Healthy, Natural Way to Treat Koi Ponds

All Natural - Biodegradeble


“The trick to treating great fish is through great water. This was always easier said than done, until I discovered Healthy Ponds. The products are easy to use and they work. Now I have great water and healthy fish.”

Chris Reinhardt Vienna Aquarium, Owner and Largest Distributor of Koi Fish in Virginia

Apply once a month and forget about it!

  • - Continuous Release
  • - Consistent Results
  • - Save Time & Effort
  • - Keeps Water Clean & Clear
  • - Easy, Safe, Effective

Specially formulated to improve water quality and clarity by reducing excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia. Safe for all living things.

Use our Pond Size/Treatment Calculator if you need help determining how many gallons your pond contains.